Churros Vainilla o Crema 2 for $1.50

Bakery & Authentic Mexican Pastries

For the most appetizing assortment of sweet Mexican treats, look no further than the Las Montanas Bakery!

Need a custom cake for your next festivity? The Las Montanas Pasteleria is ready to take your order! 


Mexican Pastries

After tasting our freshly baked “Pan Dulce” we are sure that you will be back for more. Our expert bakers use only the highest quality ingredients so you and your family can enjoy delicious breads with a taste that you will only find here at Las Montañas.

In our bakery we offer an extensive variety of artisan breads baked fresh everyday like our famous pan de elote (corn bread), bolillos (sweet rolls), sweet breads, cookies as well as seasonal specialty breads such as “Pan De Muerto” and “Rosca De Reyes”




The fruits and vegetables at Las Montañas are ‘Farm Fresh’!