Tortillas Las Montañas 2 for $3.49 (50count)

Made Fresh Daily

Make a trip to Las Montañas for our signature, house-made corn tortillas!

We handcraft the finest masa for use in creating our hot-off-the-press tortillas, which are sold fresh daily.


Homemade Daily

Visit our Tortilla Factory where we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality corn tortillas freshly cooked every day. We know how important tortillas are for your Latin Style meal, for that reason Las Montañas offers tortillas that are full of flavor using only the highest quality ingredients without using preservatives guaranteeing you the freshest tortillas.

Within our tortilleria you will also find our famous Flour Tortillas, Tortilla Chips and prepared Masa for Tamales. Remember that when you shop at Las Montañas you are taking home Quality and Freshness.



The fruits and vegetables at Las Montañas are ‘Farm Fresh’!